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We have pursued, aiming toward "The living environment comfortable conversion type enterprise" of only one, while enjoying the fact that it makes the "Comfortable space" to purpose variously. In order to parallel to the needs of the consumer to sale of residential reform and the residential equipment equipment and sale and rental of the Nursing care equipment, the whole company lifting, total you show creative power.

It has the result of 40 years in handling the bathtub and the residential equipment equipment of the kitchen and the like. In addition staring the arrival of advancing age society, breaking away from method of thinking classified by category such as "House" and "Nursing care", standing in the point of view "very the house such as the biggest nursing care equipment", you act creatively, you have aimed toward the fact that dream and the enjoyment which age seekare made to actualize.

"It is easy, it reaching the point where it is called age", it becomes long. And now "It is easy", it is spread to every nook and cranny of our lives. So truth "It is easy", you have thought slowly concerning probably will be? Perhaps, "It is easy", with, perhaps today "feeling of the Japanese era" is.

"It is easy", "Kindliness" is and "Is easy" being to be, it does, but "Easy thing" "Easy thing" to tell the truth seems that differs. When you see with point of view of welfare, "Is easy" society is made "easily" probably something which for the senior citizen and the handicapped person? On the other hand you can call the opposite. If it tries "probably to be easy" you are troubled to the extent which is done. "Easy" very thing to tell the truth being to be difficult thing, it does.

In addition, to use being convenient ones to just such people, it cannot go the instrument and the house which are devised easily, for the senior citizen and the handicapped person. Who it does and takes the year. And, being to be a possibility when which suddenly, freedom of the body stopping being effective instantaneously it does.

Because is, it is convenient the house and the instrument for everybody, it is easy to use must be approachable being, it does. It meaning that very it is necessary, originally, you do not consider as special existence, you do not discriminate as the people who live in the same age and to touch, you do the senior citizen and the handicapped person.

So when it keeps thinking, "It is easy", it actualizes, being to become aware in many difficulties accompanying it does. In other words "It is easy", it meaning that very the accumulation of the effort such as the thing which is thought well and the thing which is devised is necessary it does that, it pursues. We do, to be easy to the customer personally to be harsh being to be a certain enterprise because of a certain.


* Company guide * Enterprise summary * Enterprise history * Business contents * Recruiting information
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